Evevil Wood Mixed Stone Plugs 18 Pairs/36 PCS Set Ear Plugs Ear Tunnels Ear Gauges Double Flared Ear Expander Stretcher Set

6G Pair Red Saba Wood Jumbo Super Spirals Gauged Earring Plugs 6 Gauge Dunnygun Body Piercing Jewelry

Mystic Metals Body Jewelry Set of 3 Pairs Wood Plugs (Tamarind, Teak, Sono)

Pair Red White Ribbon Pyrex Glass Spiral 1/2 inch 13mm

White Swirling Smoke Pyrex Glass Double Flared Black Back Plugs - Available in Multiple Sizes - Sold as a Pair

Jovivi 6pcs Organic Wood Brown Black Double Flared Ear Saddle Plugs Stretcher Punk Piercing Gauge 10mm - 20mm

Jovivi Set of 4 Pairs Single Flare Natural Semi-Precious Stone Mushroom Saddle Plugs with O-Ring Stretcher Expander Gauges Kit 2G-5/8

Natural Green Agate Stone Saddle WildKlass Plug

Irarus WildKlass Tapers (Sold as Pairs)

Pair (2) Abalone Inlay Ear Plugs Clear CZ Gemmed Rim Stash Tunnels - 0G 8MM

Plugs are an interesting variant of ear decoration. This jewelry is known as a short cylindrical item that is commonly used for larger-gauge body piercing. Their size may be really considerable (thicker than a standard wire earring), so plugs may be produced of almost any material. Thus, the devotees of such jewelry will be possible to buy the acrylic, metal, glass, wood, stone, bone, silicone, horn and even porcelain plugs.

There exist several types of this jewelry. They depend on a peculiar methods the plugs may be used. Thus, the plugs types are as follows:

A double-flared plug is thinner towards the middle. Such jewelry doesn’t require o-ring for piercing. At the same time you should have a wide fistula to put the plug in.

A single flared plug features only one end which is flared. It should be worn on the front of the piercing. Such type of plugs uses an o-ring. Moreover, they look really aesthetic. Additionally, a single flared plug doesn’t need too wide fistula for accommodation.

A straight plug looks like a usual cylinder without flares. It uses sliding o-rings against both ends of the jewelry. What is more, there is the variation of such jewelry – the grooved plugs that has grooves for holding the o-rings snug.

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So, there will be nothing for you but to visit us and start searching the ideal pair of plugs just for you. In our turn we are able to offer the following variants: black stainless steel illusion plugs, black and white acrylic items, jewelry of skin color made from silicone, plugs produced from amethyst stone, bright color marble, rose quartz, leopard skin jasper stone or white jade stone, gold plated accessories that look like bullets, plugs in form of skeleton with red rose, the jewelry with acrylic white octopus, steel plugs that feature human eye and aqua as well as cutely carved rose, jewelry presented from wild abalone shell inlay and vintage plugs with depicted mermaid. Thus, undoubtedly such jewelry assortment will be nuts for you. So, we wish you good luck in your search of perfect plugs for casual style and even formal occasions.