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Barbell jewelry is a peculiar group of accessories for piercing that is made up of a straight bar with beads on each end. It happens very often that one or both beads of barbells are able to be removed or replaced by other beads. However, there are also barbells where one of beads is fixed, so the only one bead may be used to install or remove this jewelry.

There exist several types of barbells. Among them we may distinguish the following ones:

Internally threaded barbells – such jewelry features smooth ends and threads, which are tapped into the end of the bar. Moreover, its beads have a receiving tube machine into them. In such a way they mate with the threaded receiving tube on the bar and cause practically no damage or irritation during piercing. Such jewelry is considered to be more expensive than externally threaded one, but not too much.

Externally threaded barbells – this type of jewelry possesses threads at both ends with the aim to allow beads with receiving threads to be attached. However, this kind of barbell is not so common because it exposes to potential irritation or damage when passing the threads through.

Curved barbells – this jewelry received its name in accordance with the curve which is a constituent part of such barbell. This curvature is possible to range from almost straight to spiral ones with the overlapping ends.

Circular barbells – the other name of this jewelry is horseshoe barbells because of its shape. Such barbells are used for piercing of tragus rings, earrings, madisons, nasal septum piercing and even horizontal clitoral hood.

Surface bars – this barbell features a pair of 90 degree bends that has the same direction. In such a way it may be used for surface piercing.

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