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Modern jewelry box came to us from the East. It’s known that the Chinese masters competed in creating boxes more than 2000 years ago. They used to make them the most expensive materials and virtuoso processing techniques - painting, inlay and carving. Women for centuries preserved in caskets their "stuff" - jewelry, cosmetics, (in the East - spices), and sometimes letters of love, secret documents. For Cleopatra it was a place even for daggers and poison. Boxes for jewelry successfully passed the test of time. Elegant, with a fantasy made a box for jewelry is a bright, expressive interior detail as well.

Our online shop prepared for you a wide range of original boxes for jewelry. They are made of precious wood and covered with several layers of high quality lacquer. Each model is unique in its kind and is designed for a certain type of woman. Jewelry box - key to the heart of every woman. It resembles a mysterious woman... She is beautiful, mysterious and always hides something precious inside...

Such a box is a perfect gift! Don’t now what present to choose for grandmother, mother, sister, second half? Flowers, chocolates, perfume? All is good, but agree that a little bit corny. After all, your woman is special, and a gift for her must be the same as she is - beautiful, elegant, a bit puzzling... for example, jewelry box. They store them in the dear little things and never forget the one who presented such a wonderful gift.

Opened and closed with one hand movement, jewelry boxes are "home" where are living all precious items. Expensive, eye-pleasing bright shimmering gems or gold jewelry deserve to have a decent storage space, which corresponds to their level. Boxes of wood, painted sap of the lacquer tree, performed at a level that can safely be called works of art. As a raw material, in addition to leather is used ivory also, metal, etc. With precious metals and precious stones, and in some cases, jewelry boxes are more expensive than what they are hiding.