Jewelry Piece as Business Gift

It is pleasant to obtain the gifts not only from close people and friends but also from business partners, co-workers, boss and subordinates. The culture to present the business gifts in the business environment becomes more and more popular in recent decades. This is a whole art to correctly choose the business gifts and present Read more about Jewelry Piece as Business Gift[…]

How to Match the Jewelry Piece with the Hair Color

Practically every girl or woman adores the jewelry pieces. However, she needs to know how to properly select them to ensure the stunning look. If you want to become an expert in this issue, let’s examine it more thoroughly! Blondes The blondes are really lucky! Pretty much everything is perfect for them. They are possible Read more about How to Match the Jewelry Piece with the Hair Color[…]

Top 7 of the Most Expensive Metals in the World

The most expensive metals are subdivided by the specialists into two large groups. The first group is represented by the natural metals, and the second – artificial ones. The natural metals embrace the rhodium, platinum, gold, osmium and ruthenium. The artificial metals include two elements – californium and osmium 187. Natural metals Rhodium Color: silvery Read more about Top 7 of the Most Expensive Metals in the World[…]

The Most Expensive Ring on Earth

Today, it is possible to buy the ring in any jewelry shop and not only. However, their value depends on the metal they are made from. Moreover, the gemstones both natural and rear minerals used for rings decoration also add the specific value. Undoubtedly, the most precious jewelry pieces are those one decorated with the Read more about The Most Expensive Ring on Earth[…]

Brooch-Bouquets for Fiancée

The brooch-bouquets are a new wedding accessory which became an alternative to the traditional fiancée bouquet. It was firstly offered by the florist Amanda Heer from America who created the real jewelry wonder. Not only American newlyweds have the desire to make the wedding unique. Therefore, such vintage jewelry bouquets promptly turned into the incredibly popular Read more about Brooch-Bouquets for Fiancée[…]

Fashion Jewelry from Polymer Clay

The jewels from polymer clay which may be met either in the handmade jewelry shops or elite boutiques have become incredibly popular in these latter days. Such boom may be easily explained by the originality, attractiveness and accessibility of these jewelry pieces. Currently, the most demanded motives for accessories from polymer clay are represented by Read more about Fashion Jewelry from Polymer Clay[…]

Elegant Cameos: What is This and How to Wear

The cameo is rather non-standard jewel arriving to us from way back. The cameo is a small oval and dome shaped piece featuring the person or animal carving. The first cameos were worn in the 4th century B.C. However, the special popularity was achieved in the age of Renaissance. Historical notes During Victorian age the Read more about Elegant Cameos: What is This and How to Wear[…]

Natural Beauty: Jewels from Wood

The wooden jewels are the most ancient ones. The wood was actively used as amulets but not jewels when people were not yet skillful with the metal processing. Our fathers of old noticed the trees possess the magical health-giving properties, help people remove pain and improve the general state. Nowadays the wooden fashion jewelry is Read more about Natural Beauty: Jewels from Wood[…]