Bola Jewels or Simply Precious Amulets for Future Moms

The jewels for future mommies or so-called ‘bolas’ are not the elegant and stylish trifles. They make the invisible connection with the baby stronger and this fact is scientifically approved. What is more, they are considered to be the specific magical talismans in the traditional culture. Bola is one of the most popular amulets. This Read more about Bola Jewels or Simply Precious Amulets for Future Moms[…]

Italy, Greece, Turkey and more … Jewels adored by women all around the world

The jewelry design of every country is directly connected with its legacy and reflects the religious traditions and social culture, which have been forming for many centuries. This means that people of various countries have their special tastes when it comes to the choosing of the specific jewelry piece. Therefore, let’s envisage what ladies all Read more about Italy, Greece, Turkey and more … Jewels adored by women all around the world[…]

Synthetic Stones: What’s That?

Today, there are numerous myths relating to the jewels with the synthetic or so-called grown stones as well as gem imitations. Therefore, it’s a high time to part with these wrong beliefs! Classification twists and turns The jewelry stones created by the human but not nature may be divided into synthetic (synthesized) gems and imitations. Read more about Synthetic Stones: What’s That?[…]

Jewels with the Winter Mood

It’s just beginning of December but we already visualize in our minds the winter holidays with such fairy atmosphere that makes us wait for the last day of December with the incredible tremor inside. The New Year night, preparation for it and following merrymaking are indisputable motives not only to like the winter but also Read more about Jewels with the Winter Mood[…]

Actresses of ‘Gold’ Hollywood and Their Engagement Rings

The 1930th-1950th is a time called the ‘gold’ Hollywood century. The famous actresses of that epoch set the fashion not only for make-up, hair dresses and outfit, but also jewels. What is more, every girl dreamed of the diamond rings of Grace Kelly or Merlin Monroe. Those jewels were incredibly marvelous, gorgeous and luxurious. And Read more about Actresses of ‘Gold’ Hollywood and Their Engagement Rings[…]

Historical Facts about Diamonds

The first references about diamonds pertain to 4th century B.C. Due to the ancient manuscripts these gems were found in the neighborhood of the Golganda River in India. The ancient Hindu used these precious stones as the talismans. And this is the only beginning. There are numerous interesting facts relating to the diamonds. Here are Read more about Historical Facts about Diamonds[…]

Choker as the Perfect Jewel for the Swan Neck

Chokers become more and more popular today. These neck jewels or neck collars that are tightly snug against the neck attract many fashion-mongers. The term ‘choker’ is translated as ‘strangler’ or ‘slipknot’. Such smothering jewel is a symbol of elegance, grace, style and fineness. This kind of jewelry amused numerous girls with its magnificent beauty. Read more about Choker as the Perfect Jewel for the Swan Neck[…]

Exotic Jewels for Real Fashion-Mongers

Traditionally, the exotic jewel is a secret, puzzle and some metaphor. The rare and unusual jewels always feature the bright individuality. Every detail and element of such jewel is interlaced into the patterns from symbols and images. The jewelers creating such original jewels take inspiration from the nature mystery, symbols of the plant and animal Read more about Exotic Jewels for Real Fashion-Mongers[…]

Jewelry Encyclopedia: Jewels in Colour Block Style

It just seems that fashion for the color block style, i.e. combination of several bright color blocks at once, is left somewhere in the past. In deed and not in name, color block style practically conquered all spheres of life. It is used in the modern architecture, hair colouring, make-up (fluorescent shadows and lip stick Read more about Jewelry Encyclopedia: Jewels in Colour Block Style[…]