Boho, Kanzashi, Soutache, Komono and Other Techniques of Manual Brooch Production

The individuality, style and personal touch are highly appreciated today. The accessories help us to stand out in the crowd, create our inimitable look, make an accent and share the mood. And brooch assists us with achieving this goal in a very easy and pleasant way. The unforgettable Coco Channel called the brooch the universal Read more about Boho, Kanzashi, Soutache, Komono and Other Techniques of Manual Brooch Production[…]

‘Diamond’ Celebrities

The ‘diamond’ life is really expensive! Therefore, it may be pretended exclusively by the rich people. Here we’d like to tell about the ‘diamond’ celebrities, as well as films and music divas who possess the most expensive diamond jewels in the world, as well as pieces decorated with the ‘girl’s best friends’. Let’s begin from Read more about ‘Diamond’ Celebrities[…]

Major Types of Jewelry Production

There are separate technologies to produce the jewelry pieces which embrace the mass and manual production. A long time ago all jewels were produced only individually by hand. Nowadays, such jewels from the past centuries may be admired in the art museums and personal collections. The individual technologies used by the jewelers who produced precious Read more about Major Types of Jewelry Production[…]

Jewelry Primitivism: How to Reach the Simplicity

The simple things surround us and accompany us every time and everywhere. However, only artists are possible to create the self-expression tool from the simplicity. The latter is known in the jewelry art as primitivism. The primitivism is a conscious programmatic simplification of art devices, as well as return to primitive. According to the applied Read more about Jewelry Primitivism: How to Reach the Simplicity[…]

Jewelry Encyclopedia: Sorts of Pearls

The pearl beauty is classified due to the origin, form and sorts. It is very easy to deal with the first two points. Considering the origin of pearls, they may be natural (fine or cultured) and simulated. The forms may vary from round, drop-shaped, oval, button-shaped and baroque (i.e. of asymmetrical and improper form). At Read more about Jewelry Encyclopedia: Sorts of Pearls[…]

In the Search of Ultimate Balance: Mixing the Rings

The multi layering as the stylistic device is not only available for clothes but also for jewelry because the combinations of several bracelets and rings as well turned to be the new and interesting fashion finding that is to be worth of trying. However, two rings won’t be enough. You will need to have at Read more about In the Search of Ultimate Balance: Mixing the Rings[…]

Jewelry Symbols and Their Meaning (Part 2)

Just let’s continue the theme of jewelry symbolism. Here we’d like to speak about some other symbols relating to the magnificent jewelry pieces. WHALE. In the course of lasting evolution of myths and popular beliefs, the whale as the symbolic image got the most contradictory representations. Due to the earlier variant, the whale was associated Read more about Jewelry Symbols and Their Meaning (Part 2)[…]

Jewelry Symbols and Their Meaning (Part 1)

The jewelry pieces and jewels from gold, silver, bronze, bone, wood and other materials have been accompanying people from the oldest times. Those articles (cross pendants, talismans, amulets or rings) became the most special companions of people because they were left on the person not only during the life but also in death. This is Read more about Jewelry Symbols and Their Meaning (Part 1)[…]

Invisibility Pendant as Hit of Spring 2018

The invisibility pendant is fashion jewelry for girls. With the spring advent every girl wants and desires to look beautiful and fresh, stylish and elegant. This desire can be easily brought to life if you buy the cool pendant known as the invisibility jewel that uses the fishing line instead of chain. Such purchase will Read more about Invisibility Pendant as Hit of Spring 2018[…]