Dancing Diamonds: What is That?

The jewelry masters are in the constant search of methods and technologies that provide an opportunity to improve the elegance and natural beauty of the noble metals and precious stones. One would think that it is practically impossible to think something that is principally challenging and innovative and that designer rings with the diamonds are Read more about Dancing Diamonds: What is That?[…]

Back to the Future – Jewels in Steampunk Style

Nowadays the jewels in steampunk style are worn by those people, who put their foot down to stand out in the crowd. Steampunk jewels are preferred by the cosplayers’ communities. Generally, the word ‘cosplay’ is originated from the English words ‘costume’ and ‘play’. The word-based translation means something very realistic or transformation into the certain Read more about Back to the Future – Jewels in Steampunk Style[…]

Shining Smile or Simply Jewelry Braces

Earrings, pendants, gold bracelets, necklaces with the precious stones – all these jewels were adored by people from the ancient times. Moreover, it was determined that the richest people of ancient civilizations liked to decorate their teeth. The teeth decoration with the crystals and precious stones is still popular today. The experienced dentists may fix Read more about Shining Smile or Simply Jewelry Braces[…]

Jewelry Styles: Main Design Trends

Every epoch in the history was distinguished by the new style in architecture, art and jewelry as well. All styles characterized and emphasized the peculiarities of that time. The general classification of jewelry divides the precious pieces into two types: It corresponds to the names of epochs starting from the baroque and ending with the Read more about Jewelry Styles: Main Design Trends[…]

Choosing the Proper Italian Gold

The Italian jewelry houses were traditionally known for their gold jewels that feature the special design and combine the special processing technologies. Therefore, Italian jewelry is highly appreciated not because of its solidness and sample quality, but also the artistic value. In spite of the fact that real gold jewels of Italian production are usually Read more about Choosing the Proper Italian Gold[…]

Taken up with? Jewels from famous movies

The world-famous jewelers often offer their precious pieces through TV screen with the help of movies.  And thereafter, they gain recognition of the whole world. So, what are the most famous jewels seen in movies? Let’s get known! The outstanding ‘Satine’ necklace by Stefano Canturi was created for the heroin of Nicole Kidman in ‘Moulin Read more about Taken up with? Jewels from famous movies[…]

Stunning Look of Black Gold Ring

The gold as a precious metal is actively used in the jewelry industry. It becomes more and more popular because of the possible color changing. However, the most unusual gold color is undoubtedly black one. How gold becomes black? The black color of gold is achieved after the numerous processing stages with using the special Read more about Stunning Look of Black Gold Ring[…]

Silver Probes: Brief Review

From ancient times, the silver was considered not only the precious metal, but also the material possessing the magical and health-giving properties. There was even period in the history when silver was valued more than gold! Nowadays the variety of silver jewels is enormous. Moreover, many people prefer only it. Therefore, it is very important Read more about Silver Probes: Brief Review[…]